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Knowledge and Experience

Our work is based on over two decades of experience working in private, public and social sectors and with a vast range of clients across sectors, clients of all different sizes. This has given us a well-founded knowledge of almost all types of businesses. Our approach and dedication is always the same no matter how big or small our clients are. We continue to invest in developing, learning, and building our expertise. Our dedication to knowledge allows us to provide the best consultancy services for our clients. 

Who We Are

We help organisations in private, public and social sectors create change and achieve their business goals. 

We have worked with all different types and sizes of clients from front-line care workers to big-name sports brands. Transforming organisations, restructuring systems, and embedding innovation into all elements of what they do to build resilient companies that will continue to grow. 

With over two decades established as a consulting service, we offer a vast range of experience and business know-how. This combined with our push for new ideas makes us a leader in the consultancy services we offer. 

Women Colleagues

Diversity and Inlusion

Diversity and inclusion underpin the work we do at Sortain Consultancy. Our people, the communities we work in, and our clients are all at the heart of what we do. We strive every day to create a culture where everyone feels comfortable, where everyone is inspired to achieve their best, where everyone can reach their potential. We work to acknowledge and dismantle the barriers that hold back people, communities, and businesses. Together we can create lasting change. 

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VR Games


We are constantly innovating to meet our client's ever-changing needs and ensure we are providing new solutions. Across every industry, we work to stay at the forefront of progress. This means that we can provide new technological systems to those in the front line during the pandemic, or develop a sharing-economy based athlete sponsorship platform. Whatever the solution is, we are dedicated to finding new ways to achieve success. 

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