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We help businesses of all sizes take their next steps to scale up and grow. We believe working collaboratively is fundamental in achieving your business goals. Our consultancy service will help you hone in on your goals, create a viable plan, develop a timeline, and work to reach your goals. ​It doesn’t matter how far along you are with your business, even if you have the slightest flicker of an idea or have been trading for 50 years, we can help you take the next steps.

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We worked with WBC Cares UK, the charitable arm of the World Boxing Council.


Helping them change and reach their vision and goals. The organisation operates under former champion boxer Scott Welch, it was his vision to create a form of boxing that was accessible to people of all abilities.


He had the vision and goal and that’s where we came in.


We worked on all levels of the organisation to implement strong working practices harnessing change and fostering growth. We restructured the organisation to work optimally in all areas. From ambassadors to board members, we made sure every member of the organisation was on board with the change.


We believe your people are your company and in order for lasting successful change to happen, you need to motivate your team to take a proactive approach to the transformation.


With a new structure, systems and processes and working with all the team, we were able to exceed expectations for Scott’s goal for what has now become Safer Adaptive Boxing. To be taught to Olympic committees, gyms, coaches and organisations worldwide.


Because when change starts with you then you can change the world.


We bring innovation to life. The world is changing fast and often the best solutions require new ways of thinking and doing, they require an innovative approach. We work to bring the best and groundbreaking creative solutions to your business. We believe in thinking outside the box and looking beyond the way it’s always been done because that’s where the growth for your business lies.



Working in care homes requires that staff complete a considerable amount of forms and checks all to ensure that the patients are receiving the right care at the right times and that nothing is being missed.


This amount of paperwork creates many problems: it’s time-consuming to check through all the forms meaning finding information needed urgently is almost impossible and things can easily get lost or misfiled. This is where we came in, with our innovative solution.


We created a system of cloud-based forms and files. This system allowed staff to use their unique login on their tablet to complete all the checks and share this information with other members of the team. It also allowed all the residents’ information to be stored in easy to access files to be found whenever needed.


The creative solution streamlined processes making everything run smoothly and minimising any risk of errors.


This last year has shown us all the value of adaptability. We have all had to learn to live and conduct business in brand new ways. Never before have businesses had to demonstrate such flexibility. It’s no secret that the businesses that survived have been the ones able to manage crisis, be innovative in their approach, and implement strong systems and procedures to maintain equilibrium. Businesses that quickly put in place good working from home practices, followed restrictions by creatively adapting business models, and most importantly, demonstrated an unwavering focus on staff and customers.

We work with businesses to ensure they are robust and ready to survive anything that comes their way.

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One of the businesses most affected by the pandemic was care homes. We have worked the last two years transforming a small group of care homes, implementing new structures and practices.


During the pandemic, our client asked us to create a unique ‘Covid Isolation Unit’ to break the flow of infections in care homes from people being transferred out of hospitals. We developed a fully functioning isolation unit, fulfilling all the documentation and compliance requirements, and overseeing the running of the unit throughout the duration of the contract. 


Based on our work in the Covid Isolation Unit, we were the first consultation services called when a care home in the South of England was in the worst possible moment of crisis: all of the staff and ninety-nine per cent of the residents had been diagnosed with Covid-19. With our team, we quickly established working practices and policies and procedures to provide a safe environment for staff and residents.


We took what was a business in a state of emergency and worked to stabilise the environment to hand over to the CCG to ensure the business would not only recover but be robust and ready for all future crises that may occur. Most importantly we saved lives by prioritising the wellbeing of the resident above everything else.


Many businesses are ready for change but not sure where to begin. That’s where we come in. We can facilitate growth and transformation for businesses of all sizes. No matter how vast your goals are we will help you to achieve your vision.



It can be hard to change long-standing industries 'the way things have always been done' doesn't benefit everyone and neglects to leave room for growth. We are working alongside the expertise of MagiclickUK to create a change that will transform the athletes sponsorship industry. We are developing a sharing platform where athletes find sponsors through an innovative search engine. Leading to like-minded companies and athletes creating meaningful partnerships.


This platform helps guide both parties to get the most out of their partnerships in a transparent and open manner with security sewn into their agreements and a platform to share their success.


Releasing in March 2022, watch this space.


We can help with all areas of administrative support. When you run your own business, administration can become a time consuming and, at times, overwhelming task. Nonetheless, as many businesses find out, it is one of the most crucial underpinnings of running a successful business. We can help with anything from writing and implementing new policies and procedures to ongoing support and guidance.



Our Recent Work Includes:

  • Policies and Procedures

  • Compliance

  • New Systems

  • Governance

  • Continuity and contingency plans

  • Course content

  • Website content creation

  • Funding applications

Consult continuity
Project management
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